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Get to know: SEG Electronics trusted partner Winn-Marion

In the third edition of the "Get to know our partners"-series we would like to introduce you to Winn-Marion. Winn-Marion is a specialist in solving engineering problems for the industrial and semiconductor markets. They are based in Colorado, but you can find them in a lot of other US states as well. We had 5 questions for Winn-Marion, check out there answers below!

1. What does your company do that stands out in our industry?

We provide a very broad spectrum of Automation and Control Solutions in every industry you can think of.

2. What is your company’s core competency? 

We make control systems and automation work better. We solve engineering problems for the industrial and semiconductor markets. We offer comprehensive industrial electrical services, fiber optic installation, and EV charging solutions. We design and supply cutting-edge hardware and software control systems custom tailored to your operational needs.

3. Where is the coolest location or weirdest commission that your company has commissioned work? 

We have installed SEG Electronics protected power station controls in the most remote locations in the US. We have one site that is almost 3000 meters in elevation, a 1 hour drive from the nearest cell phone tower, in an area code that has twice as many deer and three times as many cows as there are people. 

4. What are the challenges your customers are facing today? 

In the remote locations of the US, reliability is the biggest struggle. Customers come to us for a redundant, reliable, and user friendly systems that they can tune, test, and troubleshoot with ease. They are willing to go the extra mile with us on the first installation because they want to avoid costly downtime, expensive field engineering support labor, and late night and weekend call-outs. They want a control system that they can understand, that works the way it should, instead of a system that only a dozen people in the US know how to operate. 

5. Why should young engineers out of university come work for your company?

We are in every industrial sector, utilizing every industry technology, and we cover such a broad spectrum of disciplines that we truly have something for everyone.

For more info, have a look on their website: https://winn-marion.com/