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Smart View

Smart view is a parameter setting and evaluation software for the protection devices from SEG Electronics.

Users of our protection devices may download and use Smart view free of charge.

↳ Operating Software Smart view: Documentation & Setup

Checksums of the setup file:

  • Smartview_SE_Install_Latest_Release.exe

    • SHA256: 3076e8ba8bd2b528bb7a7484731b5421c08dcb97333cb6b570a26923d1bcdb5e *Smartview_SE_Install_Latest_Release.exe

    • SHA512: 4734852b7e53a926e75f79691826e5c6f97261850af03a8d2af254beba8cb5c6f90cf231bc40fe57dffe61bcd926ba7793a263b7e71ddc69667535c03129122d *Smartview_SE_Install_Latest_Release.exe

  • Smartview_SE_Install_Latest_Release.zip (The ZIP is just the EXE packed into a ZIP archive.)

    • SHA256: d29974701538f4a77a10120991d65641412f0214138a33f07699b9c8643f3ef5 *Smartview_SE_Install_Latest_Release.zip

    • SHA512: a3ac1202deb57896911c30f1ee1c54e9268d86bec2851c5bdb03fb7a3a1a7f382be6c0f1ba2093b02f5e885843672f2f038f673f2fd7612b06a82adcfb6a9281 *Smartview_SE_Install_Latest_Release.zip

Features and benefits include:

  • Menu-controlled parameter setting incl. validity checks
  • Offline configuration of all relay types
  • Reading and evaluating of statistical data and measuring values
  • Setting into operation assistance
  • Display of the device status
  • Fault analysis via event- and fault and waveform recorder

For Smart view, a PC with Windows (7, 8.x or 10) operating system is required.

Moreover, a connecting cable is required for a direct connection of the protection device with the PC. The type of cable depends on the particular protection device. For recent HighPROTEC devices, for example, the cable requires a USB connector of type “Mini B” on the HighPROTEC end.

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