WI Line Relays

All relays from the WI Line are self-powered time overcurrent relays, which means they take their energy from the current transformers.

Since they do not require auxilliary power, the WI Line relays are well suited for use in self-sustaining transfer and distribution stations, local grids, and ring-main-units.

Tripping characteristics range from two-stage, independent (DEFT) and dependent (INV) time-overcurrent protection, up to special characteristic curves. As further options, we offer some relays with integrated earth fault protection.

SEG Electronics has also developed serial products, which match nearly any circuit breaker commonly available on the market. The electronic parts of the relays are completely sealed in. This makes the relays resistant to even the very worst environmental influences.

An ANSI overview of the CT-Powered protection devices can be found in this Comparison Chart of CT-Powered Protection Devices (PDF).


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