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SEG was founded in 1969 has been in the protection relay business for over 50 years.  We are your trusted partner who provides high quality parts and services. You can rest easy knowing you’ve selected  SEG as your protection relay.

You can use the protection function codes (ANSI) to compare SEG products with competitive products. This allows you to simplify your selection process by focusing on key protection functions, open standard communication protocols, and certifications that ensure quality standards.

Our products are made for global solutions.  The HighPROTEC line supports the official languages of 137 countries, and it’s designed to both ANSI and IEC standards. 

SEG has designed and certified its products according IEC60255-1. In addition, marine certifications are available on specific models. HighPROTEC covers multiple grid codes, for example, the current G59, IEEE 1547 and VDE 4110. And you can count on SEG to stay on top of the constantly evolving grid standards around the world.

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