Save Money

HighPROTEC helps you save money by providing standardized hardware and software packages. We don’t charge for added capabilities like providing a logic manager or parameterization of configuration settings. Our hardware packages include all the protection features possible with the chosen device.

Optimizing your supply chain can help you save money.  Here’s how: In any given switchgear, protection relays can represent 15-20% of the total cost. The switchgear market has a few large vertically integrated manufacturers. That is, they supply the relays used in the switchgear they produce. That sounds okay, but when switchgear builders specify their own protection relays, they can increase the market prices on the fully-assembled switchgear and those increased prices are passed on to you, the buyer. However, you can optimize your supply chain and save money by specifying an independent protection manufacturer like SEG for your switchgear.

The versatile products lines of SEG are a platform of hardware options that allows you to select the perfect mix of secure communication ports, digital inputs and outputs, and sensitive Earth Current measurement options.

As an added bonus, SEG provides our configuration software SmartView at no extra cost. With SmartView you can automatically connect to the device using a USB port and use the built-in simulation tool to perform virtual testing of your configuration.  This speeds up on-site installation saving you both time and money.

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