HighPROTEC – the Easy Solution for Medium Voltage Applications

Short ordering codes, commissioning support features, flexible hardware.  Straight off the shelf and right into your MV switchboard! That's the simplistic beauty of our new HighPROTEC protection devices!

⇒ New as of Release 3.7 ⇐:

  • Compatibility with VDE‑AR‑N‑4110/4120:2018
  • G99 Issue 1 Amendment 6 – March 2020
  • KEMA “Type Test Certificate” for all devices of the HighPROTEC-Series
  • Further improved frequency and ROCOF protection elements
  • Improved stabilization against CT saturation (Diff. Protection / ANSI 87) during external faults
  • SCADApter, also IEC 60870-5-103 and Profibus DP customizable
  • Additional Improvements on IEC 60870-5-103 and Profibus DP
  • Smart view: Improved Usability

Our ↳ Product Selector helps you to find the device variant that fits best to your application needs.

HighPROTEC – Ready for the Future

HighPROTEC, the next generation of protection relays from SEG Electronics, makes protecting medium voltage feeders, generators, transformers, and motors simple, reducing effort and cost.  It can be easily configured for specific application requirements and accepts 0‒800 VAC and 1A / 5A inputs, a wide range of supply power, communication protocols (DNP3.0, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-103, Modbus, Profibus), and menus in seven different languages.  It displays system connections, operating values, and messages/alarms/fault data – making it easy to use.  Worldwide certifications include CE, UL, CSA, EAC, and marine certifications.

  • Easy to use (individual configurable devices with adaptable menu structure, plausibility check, ANSI menu structure can be turned on and off …
  • Reduces your maintenance and commissioning efforts (Integrated fault Simulator,…)
  • Highest hardware flexibility (1A / 5A inputs, wide range power supply,...)
  • No hidden costs: Protection packages inclusive. The operating software Smart view can be downloaded and installed without extra charge.
  • 8 languages selectable within the relay (English / German / Spanish / Russian / Polish / Portuguese / French / Romanian)
  • Various communication protocols (IEC 61850, Modbus, DNP3, Profibus, IEC 60870‑5‑103)
  • World wide certifications like CE, UL, CSA, EAC,...
  • Covers world-wide interconnection standards like IEEE1547, BDEW, G99‑1‑3

HighPROTEC Line - Device Simulation

Explore our HighPROTEC device simulation


HighPROTEC Line - Product Overview



Explore our additional product lines


HIGHTECH Line_thumb


The modular protection devices from SEG Electronics for low voltage, medium voltage, and lower high voltage level have numerous and complex protection functions. The protection range includes basic time overcurrent protection, machine protection to high-grade differential protection.

In addition to relays with single protection functions, those with combined protection functions are available. Devices are designed for door mounting, either in separate housings or in 19“ racks. For back panel mounting an adapter is also available.

Thanks to our “plug-in” technology with automatic short-circuit mechanism for the current inputs, these relays can be changed during operation. LEDs and an alpha-numerical display show clear text indication of measuring, setting and fault values, and allow intuitive operation. Coupling to your SCADA system is achieved via the standardized interface.



Professional Line_thumb

Professional Line

The digital separate or combined relays from SEG Electronics provide all common protection functions for low and medium voltage applications, and are designed for DIN rail mounting.

Rated voltage and frequency can be set by means of DIP switches; pick-up values and tripping delays via potentiometers.

The wide-range power supply for AC and DC make the relays universal.

An optionally available interface adapter enables the devices to communicate with the Windows ® PC software Smart view.



WI Line_thumb

WI Line

All relays from the WI Line are self-powered time overcurrent relays, which means they take their energy from the current transformers.

Since they do not require auxilliary power, the WI Line relays are well suited for use in self-sustaining transfer and distribution stations, local grids, and ring-main-units.

Tripping characteristics range from two-stage, independent (DEFT) and dependent (INV) time-overcurrent protection, up to special characteristic curves. As further options, we offer some relays with integrated earth fault protection.

SEG Electronics has also developed serial products, which match nearly any circuit breaker commonly available on the market. The electronic parts of the relays are completely sealed in. This makes the relays resistant to even the very worst environmental influences.



Basic Line_thumb

Basic Line

SEG Electronics supervision relays for low voltage applications are equipped with a precise micro-controller and designed for DIN-rail mounting. They are easy to operate and simplify commissioning. This is advance technology at low price.


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