Power Protection Service


We support smoothless operation of your electrical equipment. Our SEG-Serviceteam supports highest availablity of your switchboards and systems. Day by day.


We offer more then just Protection!


Pre Sales Service - Protection Consultance

We will give you best advice for your protection requirements. We will find the best protection relay based on your requirements and based on our experience.


Retro-fit and Enhancements

Our Service-Team and our Partners will support you in terms of Retrofit, Updating and System enhancements of your investments. By means of minimal efforts you can prepare your equipment for future requirements.


Engineering - Projekts

We develop tailor made solutions for your protection and control projects. We will fullfil in the best way your requirements in terms of Control, Interlocking or Supervision of your medium voltage facility.


Hotline - After Sales Service

Perfectly satisfied customers are our approach and therefore we offer for sure consultance and service after purchasing our devices. Our service team is at your disposal.


Service on Site - Commissioning Support

Our experienced staff and partners offer support for initial commissioning of our protection and control devices. In addition to that documented results of secondary tests of your facility can be offered.


Maintenance and scheduled Retesting

In order to optimize the  availability of your facility over life-time we offer maintenance and retesting your your secondary systems. Reliability is relevant, even when a protection relay has been in service for many years. 



In the unlikely event - due to the high quality of our devices - of an device outage we can offer you fast replacement and retesting in order to minimize the downtime your system.


Training Online or On Site

On site our in SEG headquaters we offer Trainings. Trainings how to use our products, how to do secondary testing. In addition to general protection basics we can offer tailer made trainings for you in terms of protection applications.


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