MRI3-ITER Time Overcurrent/Earth Fault Current Relay with Thermal Replica

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The digital multifunctional relay MRI3-ITE(R) has been designed as a universal time-overcurrent protection relay with thermal replica for generators, transformers and cables.

The relay gives a complete thermal characteristic of the electrical equipment to be protected taking into account its initial load.

The MRI3-ITER furthermore provides a universal time-overcurrent and earth fault protection with the following functions:

  • Integrated determination of earth fault direction for application to power system networks with isolated or arc suppressing coil (Peterson coil) neutral earthing (ER-relay type),

  • independent (definite) time-overcurrent relay,

  • inverse time over current relay with selectable characteristics,

  • two-element (low and high set) earth fault protection with definite or inverse time characteristics.

Benefits and Key Features

  • 19“ racks – fully withdrawable

  • Door mounting – withdrawable and sealable

  • Panel mounting – fully withdrawable

  • Fault / disturbance recorder

  • Intuitive HMI

  • Display (of primary values)

  • Easy setting software – Smart view

  • Compact form factor


  • Interconnection of renewable energies (DER – distributed energy resources) to the public grid.

  • Protection of High, Medium and Low Voltage feeders against thermal damages by overload or short circuit currents.

  • Supervision of the Thermal Replica.

Inputs and Outputs
Binary inputs 2
Current transformer inputs 4
Output relays 4
Voltage transformer inputs 3
Watchdog relay 1
Protection ANSI
Time overcurrent protection 50/51
Earth fault protection 50N/51N
Earth fault directional feature 67N
Thermal replica 49
Circuit breaker failure protection 50BF
Additional Features
Disturbance recorder
Fault recorder (none volatile)
Parameter sets 2
Modbus RTU (Option)
RS485 Open Data Protocol (Option)
Mounting Type
Housing is withdrawable
Housing suitable for door mounting
Housing suitable for mounting plate

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