MRP2-3IU Power and Reverse Power Protection Relay

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The power relay MRP2 is used in 3-phase systems for active power measurement.

(However, for application fields (i.e. turbine movers) where two reverse power switching points with higher precision are required, the relay type MRP2-R is available.)

Among others, the MRP2-3IU relays serve:

  • for supervision of load flow between two systems: If the generated power of one system fails, unimportant consumers have to be disconnected by the power relay. Thereby the mains is stabilized and the supply of important consumers maintained. If gensets are operating in parallel, these consumers can be disconnected if the load remains below the set minimal value or – in peak load operating mode – they can be connected if a limit value for the mains power is exceeded.

  • as reverse power relay to protect turbines and Diesel gen.-sets from reverse power if this prime mover fails. (MRP2 and MRP2-R) For generators operating in parallel with a mains or another generator, it is imperative to supervise the power direction. If for example the prime mover fails the alternator operates as a motor and drives the prime mover (diesel or turbine). The MRP2-3IU “recognizes” the reverse of the power direction and – in case of this error – switches off the alternator. This way, power losses and damages of the prime mover are avoided.

  • as voltage dependent reverse power relay for mains decoupling. The criterium for tripping the voltage-dependent reverse power element is the reverse power with simultaneous voltage decrease as a result of an external mains fault. Decoupling prevents external mains faults from affecting the own mains section. Internal faults are selectively detected by other protection devices.

Benefits and Key Features

  • 19“ racks – fully withdrawable

  • Door mounting – withdrawable and sealable

  • Panel mounting – fully withdrawable

  • Fault / disturbance recorder

  • Intuitive HMI

  • Display (of primary values)

  • Easy setting software – Smart view

  • Compact form factor


Protection of electrical (HV, MV) synchronous generators against:

  • Power protection (ANSI / IEEE C37.2: 32, 37)

  • Circuit breaker failure protection (ANSI / IEEE C37.2: 50BF)

Inputs and Outputs
Binary inputs 2
Current transformer inputs 3
Output relays 4
Voltage transformer inputs 3
Watchdog relay 1
Protection ANSI
Circuit breaker failure protection 50BF
Power direction 32/37
Additional Features
Fault recorder (none volatile)
Parameter sets 1
Modbus RTU (Option)
RS485 Open Data Protocol (Option)
Mounting Type
Housing is withdrawable
Housing suitable for door mounting
Housing suitable for mounting plate

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