Christmas 2.1

A Season of Giving: Our Annual Christmas Tafel Support For Those In Need

In our tradition, we have again this year supported the Tafel organization for the Christmas holidays.

The Tafel in Kempen is a voluntary organization that supports the people in need in the area of Kempen and Wachtendonk. Approximately 40 Tafel helpers, all work on a voluntary basis without pay or reimbursement.

As it has been the case for several years, the "Christmas parcels" campaign was organized. Numerous donations were requested on the website and in the local newspapers so that all those people in need would receive a Christmas parcel.

This year, SEG Electronics GmbH, ConverterTec Deutschland GmbH, and ConverterTec Service GmbH once again generously contributed a large sum. We bought an array of essential food items, including coffee, tea, sugar, pasta, dumplings, tinned meat, sausages, jam, Nutella, muesli, custard powder, pudding sauce, milk, salami, soups, fruit, and cacao powder.

In light of the Christmas spirit, we also included Christmas sweets for both children and parents, along with engaging games and toys for children and families. Additionally, thoughtful small gifts for parents, such as shower gel and Christmas decorations, were included. All these items were carefully packaged to create special bundles for families, couples, singles, and single parents.

The staff at the Tafel were delighted with the many parcels and expressed their sincere thanks. We hope our contribution will make the holidays brighter for those in need.

You can find more information about Tafel here: