Mittel (Get to know MSHS v2)

Get to know: SEG Electronics trusted partner MSHS

We as SEG Electronics value partnership and good relations a lot. It is one of the pillars of our success. As a result we decided to introduce you to a few of our trusted channel-partners, so you get to know them better. This time we would like to introduce you to MSHS from Florida, USA. We had 5 questions for MSHS, check out their answers below!
1. What does your company do that stands out in our industry?

Many competitors do work along some of our ecosystems but few do as much as MSHS for as long as MSHS (over 30 years) in workshops located on the east, gulf, and pacific coasts.  

2. What is your company’s core competency?

From controls, actuation, safety, and governor systems to new high-speed engine sales and high-, medium-, and low-speed engine services and support, MSHS specializes in power generation and distribution solutions for all types of prime-movers (diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines; steam, gas, and hydro turbines; as well as solar, battery, and other micro-grid solutions). MSHS provides clients with technical expertise from full-service workshops in the Gulf Coast, Pacific Northwest, and South Florida.  MSHS is your trusted partner for custom and turn-key solutions that reduce downtime while improving operational efficiency.

3. Where is the coolest location or weirdest commission that your company has commissioned work?

Field Service can happen anywhere at anytime. Recently Phil Ariganello, MBAflew to Papua New Guinea for an on-site vessel service, he flew again one week later. Why is this interesting? The flight path. Phil started on vacation in Maui, flew to Detroit, then Florida, then Boston, and finally Tahiti all while going to graduate school relying on an Internet webcam to present to his school from a hut with fish swimming underneath.

4. What are the challenges your customers are facing today?

Supply chain issues waiting for parts and services cause downtime and operational inefficiency. Across-the-board staffing issues and keeping teams trained.

5. Why should young engineers out of university come work for your company?

MSHS is a service and engineering solutions organization. Our people are our product resulting in a people-centric organization that emphasizes work/life balance, succession planning, and generous benefits packages. Young engineers can go to work for larger, more recognizable brands that look great on a resume but in a smaller enterprise where each person is noticed and appreciated, opportunities are more generous which lays the foundation for a successful future.
For more info about MSHS check out their website: