BUA1 Voltage and Voltage Balance Relay (BUA1110)

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Product number: BUA1110


The relay BUA1 of the BASIC LINE measures amplitude and angle of three phase voltages. The angle of the phasors determine the phase sequence. Unbalance and phase loss are detected by the measurement of amplitude and angle.

The BUA1 is designed to be fastened onto a DIN-rail acc. to DIN EN 50022. (This is the case for all relays of the BASIC LINE.)

Connection BUA1


Parameter Range

5 … 15% Un


0 … 10 s


70% … 110% Un


90% … 130% Un

  • Self-powered – No aux. Voltage needed

  • Easy DIN rail mounting

  • Sealable plastic covers

  • Very easy settings via buttons at the front

  • Fault indication via LED and output relays

  • Operational from −25°C to 70°C

  • Under-/Overvoltage supervision

  • Voltage unbalance supervision

  • Phase failure supervision

  • Phase sequence supervision

  • Voltage hysteresis 2%

  • AC and DC Voltage based supervision devices.

  • The Basic Line devices are self-powered – Measuring voltage also supplies the device.

  • The Basic Line scope covers voltage and frequency limits as well as ROCOF and vector surge.

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