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Transformer Protection

Transformer protection and maintenance is essential for a reliable energy supply. The intelligent electronic devices from SEG Electronics with perceptive algorithms protect your electrical equipment against damages that are costly and difficult to replace.

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Motor Protection

To ensure day-to-day electrical induction motors keep processes running, and to maximize the motor’s operating life, SEG Electronics offers a variety of highly adaptable intelligent electronic devices to protect them against inadmissible electrical, thermal, or mechanical stress.

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Line Differential Protection

SEG Electronics offers line differential protection with fiber optic communication, because it is the best way to protect an overhead line or cable. Speed is important for differential protection because it is the most selective protection. Since communication between the devices occurs via fiber optic connections, data transmission is extremely safe.

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Generator Protection

The Generator Protection Relays from SEG Electronics covers the full range of protective elements for medium and large generators, including differential, pole slip, inadvertent generation, phase backup distance protection, and furthermore elements.

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Interconnection / Mains Decoupling

During mains failures, DER (Distributed Energy Resources) should stay operated and connected to the grid to support decreasing mains voltage, by feeding reactive power. SEG Electronics has developed various Intelligent Electronic Devices in compliance with international grid requirements.

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Power Distribution

CT Powered Distribution Protection: These relays take their energy from the current transformers. No auxiliary power supply needs to be provided. Their potted electronics are well suited for the protection of RMU transformers even in the harshest environments.

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Renewable Energies

SEG has developed CT-powered protection relays for the protection of solar and wind step-up transformers. In addition to that SEG offers protection relays for the interconnection point (PCC) meeting local interconnection standards.

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Feeder Protection

From the generation via transmission and distribution down to the load, the feeder protection relays from SEG Electronics protect the entire power chain throughout different voltage levels. SEG Electronics work safely and precisely, and are well-proven in the fields of utilities, industrial, and other power systems.

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Equipment Supervision

SEG Electronics supervision relays for low voltage applications are equipped with a precise micro-controller and designed for DIN-rail mounting. They are easy to operate and simplify commissioning. This is advanced technology at a low price.

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