DiggiMEC Nano-HMI with Flag Indicators (DiggiMEC-A)

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Product number: DiggiMEC-A


The DiggiMEC is an upgrade option to the WIC1 family. It is a Nano-HMI with up to three integrated mechanical flag indicators. Its display can visualize measuring values on site. Moreover, the DiggiMEC provides access to WIC1 protection parameters that cannot be reached via DIP/HEX switches.

Software settings (offline created) can be loaded into the WIC1 relays via the USB-C port of the DiggiMEC.

Fault analysis is easy because Auto-Fault reports will pop up on the display. The configurable mechanical flag indicators show trip relevant information in a power outage safe manner.


  • DiggiMEC-A – Door mounting, 1 bi-stable relay / flag indicator
  • DiggiMEC-B – Door mounting, 3 bi-stable relays / flag indicators
  • Option for all WIC1 g2 (second generation WIC1)
  • Up to 3 mechanical flag indicators included (usable e.g. for trip signaling)
  • Up to 3 bi-stable output relays
  • No battery inside
  • Independent mounting location
  • Click to fix, click to connect
  • Favorites push button
  • Graphical display
  • No PC needed – when a notebook is not allowed

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