IRI1-ER Earth Fault Relay (IRI1ER1HD)

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Product number: IRI1ER1HD


The stabilized earth fault current relay IRI1-ER serves as a supplement for the transformer differential protection.

It allows for example implementation of a zero-current differential protection by integrating the star-point current (IRI1-ER).

With the view to its higher resistance to disturbances from outside the protection area, it can be set much more sensitively than the simple transformer differential protection, in order to prevent false trippings.

The IRI1-ER can be used as:

  • Zero-current differential protection of the star point winding (restricted earth fault) of a transformer (IRI1-ER).

  • 19“ racks – fully withdrawable

  • Door mounting – withdrawable and sealable

  • Panel mounting – fully withdrawable

  • Intuitive HMI

  • Easy setting software – Smart view

  • Compact form factor

  • Protection of power transformers (HV, MW, LV) against internal phase and ground faults as well as external faults.

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