WIC1-TU Monitoring unit for WIC1 relays (WIC1-TU)

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Product number: WIC1-TU


Monitoring Unit for WIC1 g1 Relays

The WIC1-TU Monitoring Unit provides the following functions:

  • Check of the internal functions and the test instrumentations checksum.

  • Check of the battery voltage of the test device.

  • Check of the communication facilities to the WIC1 g1.

The WIC1 g1 protection relay permanently checks its internal functions. In the event of a failure in the central processing unit or in the EEPROM, a watchdog unit will be activated. For detailed information, please refer to the WIC1 g1 User Manual.) By means of a communication interface, the monitoring unit WIC1-TU facilitates handling and supervision of the WIC1 g1 protection relay.

  • WI Line accessory: Monitoring Unit for WIC1 g1 Relays.

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