WIC1 g2 Self-Powered Protection Device (WIC1-1SN0NN2PA)

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Product number: WIC1-1SN0NN2PA


CT Type

The second generation of the WIC1 family is a series of self-powered / CT powered protection relays, designed for harshest environments. The new WIC1 relay family does not need auxiliary energy since they are CT powered. A dual/redundant powered variant enables communication options in addition to the power outage safe protection core. The main applications are:

  • Protection of Ring Main Units for Power Distribution
  • Protection of Step-Up Transformers e.g. for Wind and Solar Power
  • Protection of Feeders
  • Current based protection when auxiliary power is not available or too costly
  • Backup Protection – available in absence of auxiliary power
  • Disaster recovery – Blackstart capability (after short or long lasting) outages – provides reliable protection, when all other protection relays fail because of drained battery rooms

WIC1 g2


  1. WIC1-1 g2 (settable via Software / DiggiMEC)
  2. WIC1-2 g2 (settable via DIP switches and Software / DiggiMEC)
  3. WIC1-3 g2 (settable via rotary switches and Software / DiggiMEC)
  4. WIC1-4 g2 (dual power – settable via Software / DiggiMEC)
  • Configurable Inrush Protection
  • ANSI 50/51, 50N/G, 51N/G, 46, 49, 74TC, 50BF, External Prot., SOTF, Ipeak>
  • Compact formfactor (same as generation 1 of the WIC1), no battery inside
  • Super fast mounting
  • Super fast setting
  • Early wake up currents
  • Super fast Peak Value Overcurrent (Ipeak>)
  • Best in class SOTF (Switching onto Fault)

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