WIC1W Current Transformer (WIC1W)

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Product number: WIC1W


The WIC1 (both WIC1 g1 and WIC1 g2) must be operated only with one of the special WIC1-compatible CTs. The connection of common CTs with secondary currents of 1 A or 5 A is not permitted for the phase current inputs!

Primary Current Ranges

Notice: The “tapped” primary nominal current refers to WIC1 g2 only.

General consideration how to select the right CT:

Calculate the nominal current: IN = SNtransformer / (UN ⋅ √3)

Look up the CT in the table above with the current range that fits best to this calculation.

If the table lists two matching CTs then it is advisable to prefer the one that allows for an optimal measurement of the short-circuit current to be expected. The short-circuit current can be measured up to the listed upper value multiplied by 20. For example: For the WIC1W2AS1, the short-circuit current can be measured up to 20⋅56 A = 1120 A. The system can withstand a primary current of 20 kA for 1 second.

Quick Pick: Simply Look up the Right CT

In the diagram above, look up the transformer rating (horizontal axis) and the operating voltage (vertical axis) and find the operating primary current at the related entry. The background color suggests a matching CT.

From our experience we can conclude that most real-life applications should select a CT such that »In,relative« is within the range In,min … 2.5⋅In,min. Depending on your application, this might be a simplification, of course, and therefore a compromise. In the WIC1 g2 User Manual, some of the criteria are listed that can be considered during the planning phase.

  • WI Line accessory: Current transformer for WIB1 or WIC1.

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