XR1 Rotor Earth Fault Relay

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  • XR1 – ANSI 64REF

The relay XR1 of the easy PROFESSIONAL LINE is used for detection of rotor earth faults in synchronous machines. The earth fault element detects high and low impedance earth faults in rotor windings and is in two stage design (for alarm and trip).

Connection XR1

Protection Settings

Parameter Setting Range
R< 20 … 140 kΩ
R<< 0 … 30 kΩ
tR< 0 … 25 s / 0 …50 s (⌨) (cont.)
tR<< 0 … 10 s / 0 … 20 s (⌨) (cont.)

(⌨) Different setting ranges via DIP switches. ( Smart view covers the whole range.)

Auxiliary Voltage

Voltage supply via wide-range power supply unit:

Auxiliary voltage range

19 … 390 V DC or

36 … 275 V AC (f = 40 … 70 Hz)

Power consumption

approx. 4 W (terminals A1 and A2)

Benefits of the Professional Line

  • Fast DIN rail mounting    easy and fast mounting
  • Sealable plastic covers    safe (see if anybody has broken the seal)
  • Super easy settings via front buttons    fast without computer
  • LED and output relays fault indication    easy to find out what has happened
  • Compact form factor    fits in small spaces
  • IT security    no way to attack via Ethernet
  • Robust and reliable    well proven reliable quality
  • Wide Range Power Supply    don’t worry about available supply voltage
  • Integrated Self-Test Procedure (via button)    fast and easy checks: relays, LEDs
  • For all relays except XD1-G and except XRI...: optional interface adapter XRS1 (order code XRS1A or XRS1*);

    for all XRI... [except XD1-G]: optional adapter RS485 to USB (order code RSC2485USB1):

      easy doing high precision settings via Windows ® PC software »Smart view«


Protection of electrical (HV, MV) synchronous generators against:

  • Underexcitation damages

  • Rotor Earth fault detection

Inputs and Outputs
Output relays 2
Protection ANSI
Rotor earth fault protection 64N
Mounting Type
Housing suitable for DIN rail mounting

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